Do you want to learn how to design captivating, impactful data visualization?

Are you interested in understanding the principles behind effective, gripping infographics and learning how to make your data stand out? Scroll on to find out all about how you can better tell your story by bringing information to life in new and meaningful ways.

Is your company interested in providing bespoke workshops on infographics and data visualization? Get in touch to find out how we can collaborate, working to create a dedicated programme focused on the benefits of maximising information through visualization. Just specify your team’s location, an approximate timeframe, and you’ll get a free quote in return.

About the workshops

Participants will learn how to plan for and apply the creative process behind effective data visualization, exploring the nitty-gritty of best practices in the industry. They will also develop practical techniques on how to make their work meaningfully stand out, as well as vital lessons on improving workflow.

Workshops will be open to anyone interested in expanding their knowledge on storytelling and data visualization, or simply presenting data in an innovative and accurate visual format (think PowerPoint presentations, reports, social media, charts and so on). The workshops cater to both beginners, more advanced participants or non-designers.

What you get out of it

At the end of the workshop, each participant will:

  • Learn how to format a data visualization-ready dataset;
  • Be able to discuss the difference between infographics and data visualization;
  • Understand all the elements that make an infographic work well;
  • Learn each step of the creative process and how to apply them to the different stages of their work;
  • Find out the fundamental design principles involved in communicating messages in a clear and striking way;
  • Be able to tailor their message to different audiences and learn how to use tools to create their next head-turning graph.

At the end of the workshop, all attendees will receive a complementary list of resources to buttress the knowledge and practical skills learned as part of the course, helping them to stay informed and inspired by data visualization and its possibilities for engendering better communication and storytelling.

How to attend

The workshops involve a lot of sketching, idea generation, and hands-on exercises but they can be customised around your needs. 

Feel free to get in touch about joining a workshop, getting a quote, or booking a workshop for your team and if you have any questions about my classes or anything else dataviz related – I’m happy to answer any and all of your questions! Click the button below or send a message directly to to connect.

So keep your eyes peeled and your digital pencils sharpened for the data-packed programme coming your way! Read some lovely reviews below. 

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Nice things participants said about the workshops

Really enjoyed the whole workshop – I learnt so much and will enjoy testing out the tools you've recommended. Thank you!

Half-day workshop

Fantastic workshop! Really enjoyed both the theory and the practice. I learnt a lot of things, best practices, and skills that I'll use in the future and pass on to the team. Thank you!

Half-day workshop

Lots of hands-on making! Super creative workshop!

Half-day workshop

It was a great experience, the workshop theme is very interesting and not so easy to find elsewhere.

Half-day workshop
Frequently Asked Questions

To make it easier for participants to access all the information they might need, here’s a bunch of answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on the workshops provided. If one of yours hasn’t been covered, please do get in touch.

How long is each workshop session?

Workshops last either half a day or a full day (with a one-hour lunch break). Bespoke sessions can be arranged in advance.

Do I need specific skills in order to attend?

Not at all! I offer workshops for beginners, intermediate, advanced, and non-designers practitioners. Entire teams with different roles and skills can join the same session.

How big are the classes?

From individual one-to-one sessions to a maximum of 30 people is included per class. Bigger classes are welcome as well, with the support of an assistant.

Will I get a certificate of attendance?

I don’t issue certificates, but what you will get is a truck-load of useful information, a significant increase on your practical skill set, and potentially some brand new connections to a group of like-minded dataviz individuals!

Sold! How do I book a workshop?

That’s a great news! Please, send an email at specifying your team’s location, an approximate timeframe, and you’ll get a free quote in return.