Map realised with the Density Design team at Politecnico of Milan using open data from the council of Milan. The visualization shows the distance of secondary schools in Milan (Italy) from the center of the city, here represented by the Duomo (the most famous landmark of the city). Each school is visualised using a circle sized by the number of students.

Milan is usually represented by concentric rings starting from its most famous landmark: the Duomo. So, each dot is connected to the center of the map by a line measuring the distance between schools and the center of the city. The map is based on the analogy that if Milan was a planet, schools would constitute its satellites.




MSc in Communication Design at Politecnico di Milano

How to read it:

Connecting the dots

Schools are represented by circles sized by number of students. Each circle is connected to the center of the map by a line measuring distance from the city center.

The city center

The map is centered on the most famous landmark of Milan: the Duomo.