Discover the multi-disciplinary world of data visualization

Shape of Data is a series of workshops with an underlying goal to explore and discover new facets to the multi-disciplinary world of data visualization, interrogating the aspects of this discipline through a combination of hands-on activities and taught lectures. The workshop series explores a vast range of topics from creative coding, visual storytelling, to machine learning, generative art, and many more. Each month, a new guest is invited to guide participants through a string of exciting exercises and activities.

Participants are also entitled to a 20% discount on their second workshop.
How’s that for guaranteed value? 

How to attend

Select your workshop slot from the options below to get this data visualization ball rolling. To book tickets, visit your chosen workshop’s dedicated Eventbrite page via the link below.

August 24th
An introduction to AI with Zdenek Hynek
London, UK
September 25th
Intro to Creative Coding with Matt DesLauriers
London, UK
To be announced
London, UK
Transform your data into a visual story
London, UK

If you are a dataviz practitioner who wants to lead a workshop, please do get in touch by sending an email to workshop@tizianaalocci.com. The Shape of Data workshops are all about pooling talent and creating the best resource for teaching and learning about striking information design.


About the workshops

Participants will learn how to plan for and apply the creative process behind effective data visualization, exploring the nitty gritty of best practices in the industry. They will also develop practical techniques on how to make their work meaningfully stand out, as well as vital lessons on improving workflow. 

The Shape of Data workshops get under the skin of data visualization, unearthing not just the ‘how’ behind the creation of high-quality information design, but – crucially – the ‘why’.


What people say about our workshops

Really interesting and informative. A really helpful intro course which shows what can be achieved both technically and creatively with machine learning/AI – especially without code.

Excellent workshop. Amazing speaker with a great personal touch. Well-paced talks with relevant demos.

It was a great experience, the workshop theme is very interesting and not so easy to find elsewhere.

It’s your turn to get to grips with information design

Shape of Data – where data, code, and design meets.

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