Scì cieue cieue, ma cieue cian cian

Scì cieue cieue, ma cieue cian cian
Static visualisation

The visualisation is a tribute to Liguria – the region of Italy where I come from. Unfortunately, the territory is characterised by several strong and sometimes deadly floods. So, I decided to do a bit of research and design a poster showing some data about the floods happened in the area. Just to give you an idea of the phenomenon, from 1894 to 2013 Liguria had something like 60 heavy rainfall: on average one heavy precipitation (such as floods or heavy rainfalls) every two years.

Fun fact: the title of the poster – “Scì cieue cieue, ma cieue cian cian” – is a very common local proverb that means “Of course it’s raining, but it’s raining slowly”.

Source: Il Secolo XIX; Comune di Genova, DICCA.
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