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Are you interested in understanding the principles behind effective, gripping infographics and learning how to make your data stand out? Scroll on to find out all about how you can better tell your story by bringing information to life in new and meaningful ways.

Is your company interested in providing bespoke workshops on infographics and data visualization? Get in touch to find out how we can collaborate, working to create a dedicated programme focused on the benefits of maximising information through visualization. Just specify your team’s location, an approximate timeframe, and you’ll get a free quote in return.

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Today more than ever, data has become a fundamental resource for many businesses. How to represent and communicate information visually is a must for every competing business to convey values and to drive sales at any level.

I’ve been teaching data visualization since 2018 (I’m an associate lecturer at the University of Arts London and at Ravensbourne University London), both in person and online to classes from 5 to 60 people.

The data visualization course explores the qualities that make a visual representation of data an important asset. You'll learn how to make data visualization using clear, accurate, attractive charts and infographics. You'll work using my trustworthy creative process to learn how to create infographics in no time discovering all the practical techniques.

My data visualization workshops are adapted to be experienced both offline and online, combining teaching with hands-on exercises, and free resources. Wait no more and get in touch today to book your data visualisation workshop.

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Delegates will learn how to make data visualizations, how to prepare the data for analysis, and where to find datasets. The data visualization courses are open to anyone interested in expanding their knowledge on the topic, or simply presenting data in an innovative and accurate visual format (think PowerPoint presentations, reports, social media, corporate events...). No prior knowledge is required.

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Nice things people say about the courses

Tiziana's workshop was packed full of all the information you need to understand how to create the most effective data visualisations. The workshop covered the theoretical and historical context of information design, guided us through the best creative approach and ended with a nice practical assignment. We really covered a lot of ground in a short space of time, so I can highly recommend it!

Full-day workshop

As a complete outsider to professional data visualization, I found this workshop a great exercise and complement to my research work, inspirational and opening new ways to look at the communication of information and thoughts.

Half-day workshop

Really enjoyed the whole workshop – I learnt so much and will enjoy testing out the tools you've recommended. Thank you!

Half-day workshop

Fantastic workshop! Really enjoyed both the theory and the practice. I learnt a lot of things, best practices, and skills that I'll use in the future and pass on to the team. Thank you!

Half-day workshop

Lots of hands-on making! Super creative workshop!

Half-day workshop

It was a great experience, the workshop theme is very interesting and not so easy to find elsewhere.

Half-day workshop
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