On the occasion of the Salone del Libro (The Book Festival) event in Turin, Italy, I was commissioned by leading Italian newspaper, Corriere della Sera to create a visualization celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the publishing house, Sellerio. Credited with the publication of popular titles such as the Commissario Montalbano TV series and books, the publishing house Sellerio was founded by Elvira and Enzo Sellerio in 1969, in Palermo, Sicily.

Towards the end of the 1970s, Sellerio increasingly gained huge visibility – both nationally and internationally – especially in 1978, following the publication of L’affaire Moro, written by Leonardo Sciascia. Amongst Sellerio’s reputable authors is the globally renowned writer, Andrea Camilleri, creator of the best-selling Commissario Montalbano and numerous other beloved titles. The data visualization was produced for the paper’s column titled, ‘Visual Data’, and published in issue #388 of La Lettura the cultural supplement of  Corriere della Sera.


Tiziana Alocci

Client / Organisation

La Lettura | Il Corriere della Sera

Date of release


Detail of the first seven years of activity.
Using the metaphor of the fan shaped palm leaves, each line show the number of volumes s produced by year.

La Lettura #388 – May 2019

Corriere della Sera