I had the great opportunity to attend Data4Change workshop in Amman, Jordan as Information Designer. It was a one-week immersive workshop, where we worked closely with local Civil Society Organisations.

I worked with a group of brilliant experts in the data visualization and human rights industry, and together we delivered a polished interactive prototype of a mobile-first website. The prototype has two main features: an interactive timeline and a quiz which guides the user through the topic showing facts and charts to support each answer. Scroll down to learn more.


ARIJ, Data4Change


Amanda (team lead, DATA4CHANGE alumni), Shorouq (graphic designer), Giselle (data researcher), Fahed (developer), Eman (investigative researcher), Hassel (data journalist) and myself.

Test your knowledge

Is there freedom of press in Jordan?

The answer is no. Sadly, Jordan is ranked 132nd in the 2018 World Press Freedom index and 73% of countries have more press freedom than Jordan. This quiz will take you through facts and data about the current situation in Jordan.

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Can a word get you fired?

A mobile-first interactive website packed of information and facts to learn more about the laws that restrict press freedom in Jordan. The website also features an interactive timeline mapping some of the main milestones.