We are all familiar with the layout of the long-standing Periodic table, as well as the distribution of its constituent elements, but who discovered them, and when? 2019 was named the International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements by UNESCO, celebrating 150 years since the invention of this remarkable tool.

In celebration of its landmark status and the event of its 150th anniversary, this visualization illustrates a revisitation of the original Periodic table, focusing on the scientists who discovered the elements – adding visual value to the story of this tool, from its inception in 1250, right up until today. The data visualization was produced for a column titled, ‘Visual Data’, and published in issue #378 of La Lettura – the cultural supplement of the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.


Tiziana Alocci

Client / Organisation

La Lettura | Il Corriere della Sera

Date of release


A revisitation of the classic Periodic table. Each tile shows the element and who discovered it.
The tiles are colour-coded by notable scientists
Wondering about when the elements have been discovered? In the timeline you can see the time distribution of the discoveries
Dmitri Mendeleev, the author of the Periodic table: a short bio describing his achievements.

La Lettura #378 – February 2019

Corriere della Sera