What is the EGOT club? Who are the EGOT winners, and, what does EGOT even mean?

EGOT is the acronym for the Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony Awards – which collectively represent the most prestigious professional accolades within American entertainment. Only fifteen people in the world have won all four prizes in their career, and they are known as EGOT winners. Corriere della Sera commissioned me to design a data visualization for the printed cultural supplement of their newspaper, bringing to light the world’s intimate group of EGOT winners. 

Robert Lopez, John Legend, Rita Moreno, Richard Rodgers, Whoopi Goldberg, Jonathan Tunick, Marvin Hamlisch, Scott Rudin, John Gielgud, Mel Brooks, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Tim Rice, Audrey Hepburn, Mike Nichols, and Helen Hayes were included in the visualization as the fifteen famous EGOT winners (when published in April 2019).

The data visualization I created for this piece takes readers on a narrative journey, from the youngest EGOT winner to the first woman to achieve the coveted PEGOT title (EGOT + Pulitzer Prize or Peabody Award). The original version of the visualization was published in Italian; an English version can be viewed below.


Tiziana Alocci

Client / Organisation

La Lettura | Il Corriere della Sera

Date of release


EGOT is the acronym of Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony Awards and it’s used to identify the people who have won all four prizes in their career.
Only fifteen (15!) people in the world achieved the EGOT status. Their names are displayed here, from left to right according to the time spent to win all four prizes.
Each colour-coded circle represents an award won.
Each circle is identified by a number which is linked with the correspondent prize name in this list.

La Lettura #390 – May 2019

Corriere della Sera


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