Do superbugs thrive where you live? Antibiotic resistance is a global problem, but which of all the world’s existing bacteria is the deadliest, and where does it make its home?

This piece of data visualization allows readers to discover more about the four bacteria that cause the world’s most infections, according to the World Health Organisation. The design maps the antibiotic resistance rate by region and compares it with GDP per capita. The end result is a polished, easy-to-read, long-scrolling visualization published by BBC Future.


Tiziana Alocci for IIB Studio/Beyond Words Studio


BBC Future

Date of release


Each quadrant shows where these four bacterias are most and least resistant. Countries are grouped by continent for exeption of US.
The resistance rate is plotted on the y-axis: a long bar means a country is more resistant to an antibiotic for that specific bacteria.
Countries with a lower GPD have a higher antibiotic resistance rate? I added context to the visualisation plotting the GDP per capita for each country. It’s displayed as a scaled bubble on the top of the bars.