Market Cafe Magazine is the world’s first printed magazine focusing on the subject of data visualization. This independent magazine has been designed to help talented professionals and students build an international community that discusses the academic side of working with data.

The magazine has brought together a fast-growing data-viz community, with members from every corner of the globe sharing knowledge and discussing the everyday challenges of working with information design. Each issue is available in a limited edition of hand-numbered copies, each of which is printed using bespoke techniques and colours.

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Tiziana Alocci, Piero Zagami


Market Cafe Magazine

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Market Cafe Magazine readers will encounter different voices from within the data-viz world, discussing what designing information means, and where it’s going. The founders’ research has unearthed the discovery of stories from some of the most talented people working in the industry. Their experiences and insight have been laid out to guide readers through their own personal journey with information design. Market Cafe Magazine is on sale online and in selected bookstores worldwide.