I’m happy to release another great collaboration with the Berlin-based record label Sum Over Histories. The independent techno music label was founded by German dj duo Frankie & Sandrino. They have individually been active in the electronic music industry for over a decade now, releasing music for the likes of Innervisions, Kompakt Records and Mule Musiq while playing in the most renowned clubs of the globe from Watergate (Berlin), to Amnesia (Ibiza) and The Block (Tel Aviv).

For this artwork, I had the pleasure to visualise the music of an another amazing artist: Invoker. After appearing on Innervisions’ highly anticipated “Secret Weapons” compilation, Invoker is now back with this four-track EP.

The visualisation on the cover shows a visual representation of the waveform from the song The Land of Dust (side A). Using a combination of scripts, data and a few hours on the old but good Illustrator, the results is a particle clusters resembling the song’ waveform.


Sum Over Histories


Tiziana Alocci

Date of release


Once I managed to extract the waveform in a vector format, I started to play with it on Illustrator to create the shape that better represented the song.

The making of

Sketch, test, repeat...

The final result

Watch the making of timelapse on my Instagram page