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The interactive dashboard is a learning platform presenting helpful knowledge informing strategies to help end the Worst Forms of Child Labour. The Partnership Against Child Exploitation – PACE – is a ground-breaking partnership working with global NGOs, the private sector, a distinguished university, a corporate foundation and a media development agency to stop one of the world’s most urgent and difficult development problems.

How do we pursue progress and share bits of knowledge to tackle policies in promoting end the worst forms of child labour?

Working with a multi-disciplinary team of data journalists, information & UX/UI design and engineers, I collaborated with London-based data visualization agency Infogr8 to produce a fresh, natural and reliable interactive dashboard. Through extensive user group stakeholder research, interviews and workshops we built a rooted ground for the interactive dashboard.

We then sketched, designed, tested and coded the interactive dashboard bringing the data to life. The interactive dashboard is the heart of the platform – see a similar work I’ve done for The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation here. The PACE team is also able to keep the site regularly updated, with new data or stories in an easy and seamless way.


Thomson Reuters Foundation, The Partnership Against Child Exploitation Consortium



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What are the worst forms of child labour?

The worst forms of child labour (WFCL) are defined by the International Labor Organization (ILO) under its 182 convention, adopted in 1999. Ratified by 186 of the ILO’s 187 member states, the convention defines the forms of child labour deemed most damaging and detrimental to children’s wellbeing and holds signatories responsible for the prohibition and elimination of the exploitation of children in the worst forms of child labour. Source: The Partnership Against Child Exploitation

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