Data moulded by music turned into cosmic explosions. Thank you Ross From Friends for letting me play with a few of the over 2000 recordings of your unheard material.

Read below for more on Thresho by Ross From Friends: “I wrote a piece of software last year called ‘Thresho’. It’s a utility that records everything you play once the audio level reaches a certain threshold and stops once it dips below that threshold. If I just stood up and mashed some keys on the synth right now, it’d record exactly what I just did. Once it’s done it puts the recording, timestamped, into a folder so I could access it later. ⁣⁣

Over the course of writing Tread, Thresho automatically created this audio diary of everything I did in the studio. The album is defined by this process, so I wanted people to be able to interact with it to get a closer understanding of the album as a whole.⁣⁣”


Ross From Friends


Tiziana Alocci

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Trial and error

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