This project – created by Beyond Words Studio, I was part of the team that worked on the design for this project – is made of a trio of interactive and static infographics highlighting success stories on gender equality across different countries. This series of three visualizations are part of an inspiring long-form article titled ‘What if we could make every woman and girl count?’, written by visiting fellow at the Center for Global Development, Caroline Lambert, and appearing on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation blog, The Optimist.

With infographics embedded into the post, my contribution worked to bring life to the words and data outlined in the article – emphasising the important themes unearthed in Lambert’s captivating text.

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The challenge

“Although it had been the first Latin American country to grant women the right to vote in 1927, Uruguay faced the challenge of a significant gap between male and female labor force participation rates.” – Caroline Lambert, The Optimist Blog

The solution

“Collective efforts from civil society, academia and government agencies, informed by a national dialogue, led to the adoption of a National Care Plan in 2015, which mandated a comprehensive care system […] backed by budget allocations.”  –Caroline Lambert, The Optimist Blog

The challenge

“The problem is, women and girls worldwide have been largely invisible when it comes to data. Globally, less than one third of the data needed for monitoring the gender-specific SDG indicators are currently available.” – Caroline Lambert, The Optimist Blog

The solution

“Decades of surveys measuring how men and women spend their time […] has informed Finland’s labor policies, including paternity leave, tax reduction for domestic costs, and daycare access, as well as how much progress has been made when it comes to sharing domestic work. ” – Caroline Lambert, The Optimist Blog

The challenge

“Women typically manage their money differently from men, and they’re better at repaying loans. Yet most financial institutions are blind when it comes to better targeting women, missing out on a significant segment.” – Caroline Lambert, The Optimist Blog

The solution

“In 2006, state-owned bank BancoEstado relied on sex-disaggregated data to launch CuentaRUT, a basic account with no fee available to anyone with a national ID number, which came with a debit card and flexible access.” – Caroline Lambert, The Optimist Blog