Data visualization

Quality graphs and fresh ideas

My work is centred on the graphical representation of information and data. It’s not simply as easy as dressing up a graph or making the data look beautiful. We’ll work together to make your data more understandable and engaging with great storytelling.

Clients: Wired UK, The Guardian, British Library, the Economist.

About my process
UX/UI Design

Data visualization for digital products

I work with startups and fintech companies to design and develop data-driven interactive websites, apps, and dashboards to create a solid digital presence across multiple platforms and devices.

Clients: Thomson Reuter Foundation, BBC Future, Open Data Insitute (ODI), Huge Inc.

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Data visualization training

Academic lectures made easy (and fun!)

Since 2018, I’ve been an associate lecturer at the University of Arts London (UAL), I’ll guide you on how to create more informative content using accurate, beautiful graphs and interactive experiences.

Guest lecturer at Hyper Island (Sweden), Ravensbourne University London, The Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (Budapest), ArtEZ University of the Arts (The Netherlands).

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Data consultancy

Business intelligence and consultancy

We’ll work together to communicate data-driven strategies to tackle all types of complex data. In-house, client-facing or remotely, as it’s more suitable for you.

Clients: Lloyds Banking Group, Talent Garden Milan.

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I’ve been fortunate to work alongside Tiz on a number of occasions. She is a talented information designer with an incredibly positive and professional attitude. I’ve also attended several Market Cafe events she has hosted which have been super insightful and well organised, a real asset to the data visualization community in London. Don’t miss your opportunity to work with Tiz, I hope to collaborate with her more myself!

M.R.Freelance information designer

I've worked alongside Tiz both in permanent and contractor roles. Her attention to detail was noticeable from the start and I've had the pleasure of watching her transform into an accomplished information designer, business owner and event coordinator. Always dependable and fun to be around - hoping there will be a chance to collaborate again in the future.


It was pleasure to work with Tiziana. She is a great information designer, with expertise in UX as well as a very good understanding of the mathematical side of data visualisation. I hope we will have other chances to work together in the future.

M.C.Experience designer